Our mission is to provide quality insight and analysis.

We live and die in a 4-D world.  The geopolitical space where corporations and countries must compete for primacy and control is no longer just the South China Sea, the oil fields of Arabia, or even the corner of Main and Broad. It’s cyberspace.  For  all of the opportunities created by the advent of the internet, which are substantial, there is corresponding risk. Risk to critical infrastructure. Risk to economic institutions. Risk to national security.

At Breach Memo we will discuss how best to avoid, defend, manage, and respond to the risks created by our reliance on cyberspace. We will provide ongoing monitoring and analysis of the international cyber-threat landscape, relevant legal and regulatory frameworks, and strategies in incident prevention and response.

We strive to tackle the topic of Cybersecurity and Geopolitical Risk from the key angles. This includes close analysis of the international threat landscape,  relevant legal and regulatory frameworks, and best practices in cyber incident prevention and response. Expect a “beyond the headlines” approach to provide unique, insightful and actionable analysis for public and private sector leaders. Because as the threat landscape continues to evolve we all must be ready to face the risks and respond accordingly.

Welcome to Breach Memo.