Think Tank Memo: Insights into the Security Landscape

Agile, flexible, and quick to respond to market factors. Unfortunately, these adjectives describe cyber criminals more accurately than cyber defenders. Despite organization’s spending more than ever to prevent cyber intrusions, attackers continue to penetrate defenses. A big reason for that is because, while cyber attackers are clearly (and highly) incentivized to accomplish their goals, the exact opposite is true in many cases for cyber defenders.

An Integrated Security Approach and Cyber Intelligence

An increasing number of organizations are keen not to just limit and assess the damage when they’re hacked; they want a means of knowing as much as possible about potential foes so that they might be able to prevent intrusions before they occur. That’s why the idea of a more holistic, integrated approach to cyber security is currently taking shape.

The Rise of Threat Hunting in Preventing Cyber Attacks

As online adversaries have continued to enhance their capabilities, organizations have placed an increased importance on developing proactive cybersecurity measures alongside more traditional reactive practices. Threat Hunting, the practice of preemptively identifying and neutralizing threats, is gaining popularity as a response to an increasingly hostile cyberspace.